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Welcome to Your Ultimate Financial Solution!

If you are in need of some instant cash, quick loans for payments or something extra for your personal needs, Let us provide you our loan service!

  Searching for the right bank or moneylending company can be difficult, especially when you sit down with them and they present with you a lengthy list of requirements prior to getting a loan. However, often times, despite the fact that you got all the requirements right, you still won’t get the loan that you wanted in the first place.   Our company, which is duly certified and licensed by a Registry of moneylender in Singapore, will guarantee that any problems you had with money will be over. Our varied set of loans ensures that there is a right loan for you. These include customise personal and study loans which you won’t find in other lending companies or banks.  

We assure you that the loans that you desire can be acquired easily, in fact, just hours after you comply with all the needed requirements. You just need to fill up an application in our office and get your loan instantly!


To make it easy and convenient for you to get a loan, we makes the loan very personal as you feel that you are actually the one holding the loan and paying it at your convenience.

Several of our clients make use of Payday Loan and Personal Loans to be able to make quick payments, especially in case of emergencies and CASH shortfall .

With it, we can lend you an amount that matches your salary every month, or even a customized loan that, depending on your qualifications, loan up to S$10,000 or more.

While most other lending companies won’t provide loans to foreigners that cover the same loan packages, we welcome foreigner to take up a loan from us.

In fact, our loans also cover people who are in the low income bracket to help them out. These flexible loans have been proven to be helpful, especially in times when you need money the most. Study loans are also very popular for students, especially with the above mentioned loans. .

Personal Loan

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Payday Loan

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Foreigner Loan

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Study Loan

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